About BestopePro

BestopePro was founded in 2014, is a constantly evolving innovative beauty brand.
From humble beginnings as an accessory the only brand with just 10 products on-site, we’ve since grown into a forward-thinking fashion brand, dedicated to brightening your world by bringing you the professional makeup beauty tools in premium and efficient.


BestopePro's core value:

Bestopepro beauty your world
Value your time
BestopePro provides beauty tools that were designed for efficient and beginner-friendly. We are on a mission to help you go out with a decent look within only 10 minutes max for makeup.
The curling iron heats up within 45 seconds which is the fastest in the market.  Mirror built-in with multi magnifying panels. Brushes with synthetic bristles extremely easy to apply makeup and clean. These products are the result of our vision: good design and tech can set you free from the chaotic morning, so no need to struggle between lack of sleep, sloppy appearance, or being late.
BestopePro:curls are the epitome of style

Harmless to animals
Squirrels and minks have the right to keep their fur. Thanks to the new technic we can replace all-natural hair by synthetic fibers that can actually deliver just as good results without losing in performance in terms of soft and fluffy, even with hypoallergenic in bonus. It’s a win-win.

Satisfying user experience
BestopePro products are also easy to install, simple to apply, and a breeze to maintain. To deliver a smooth experience, we implement the process of design, testing, and refinement. We choose high-quality materials to build products that are safe to use and will last for a long time, and even with that, we still provide a full range of product warranty.

We minimize the marketing cost, in believing that the products speak themself. Minimalist design and packaging, we just focus on what really matters.